Boeing 737-800 Box & Download Versions

The comprehensive, mid range package of choice for many pilots, the Boeing 737 800 software is developed to a very high standard for the 800 range. Its aircraft uniquely achieve the most accurate, 1:1 authentic-scale of a Boeing 737 3d model in the world. Offering such a very high standard of representation and fidelity the Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737-900 share the same instrumentation in line with Boeing's requisite 'commonality' policy.*
Utilising a unique logic set developed to stand alone from the main exe of the flight simulator program and not to have to rely on the presence of a command program (FSIPC; unlike other simulation'' programs) has made the Ariane Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737-900 packages a more flexible and powerful solution. Ariane Boeing 737 products are more responsive, more adaptable and feature an even more accurate envelope than any in this class.
* The Boeing 737-800, 900 and Boeing 737-900er differentiate the latter versions from the former - for further information see the relevant spec).

Both of the new V3 versions of the Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737-900 offer an accurate base for professional pilots like no other. With the added advantage for either desktop or more world-friendly, smaller CO2 footprint, laptop PC's, the various packages in the Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737-900 Series provide everything required for full-flight routing and mission critical excercises. Built into all Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737-900 packages are:

1. Optional Aircraft Choices for either Winglet or Non-Winglet Variants.
2. Optional Display Panel Choices for either PFD-ND or EFIS Operations.

The Boeing 737-800 airplane shares the same fuselage as the 737-400 and is fitted with a new wing, tail sections and stabilizer. It can carry from 162 to 189 passengers in a dual-class or single-class arrangement. It is powered by two fuel-efficient, low noise CFM56-7 engines from CFM567b 22 to CFM567b 26 class variants and travels at a cruise speed of +Mach 0.785 at ranges of over 3,000 nautical miles.
The first Boeing 737-800 was delivered to Hapag-Lloyd in 1998. More than 2,240 Next Generation 737s have been sold to date.

Boeing 737-800 Aircraft Version 3.0 Complete Specifications. Accurately scaled static height from ground measured against Microsoft 1-1 scaling scenery area. Advanced nose section design. Modeled cockpit window frames with opening window viewable from outside of model during walk-round. Detailed cockpit interior and Captain and First Officer. Animated gear, doors and bay area. Galley interior section with animated parts. 4 exit/service doors operable from the flight deck. 2 cargo doors and bays also operable from the flight deck. Animated RAM doors and rear APU port. APU intake vortex generator. Emergency exterior lights. Wheel well lights. Animated ground power connection bay. Animated main outflow valve. Airstair bay with animated door.
Animated windshield wipers. Aircraft configuration meets FS9 default payload manager specifications. Textured red beacons and tail strobe devices. Exit/service doors and interior and animations. Glass transparency and glass textures. Dynamic shine on fuselage, vertical stab and engines. Nav lights with illuminating reflections during night and dusk/dawn transition modes. Galley FX ambient lights can be turned on/off by cabin light switch. Accurately shaped wingroot section. Animated wing contrails with weather dependent definition. Animated under-wing landing lights. Photorealistic 32 bit texturing illustrated from plans & photographs supplied by Boeing and featuring over 300 layers. Velocity wheels with steering-compressing nose wheel and roll sensitive main gear that adjusts height to load. Animated thrust reversers mechanisms with Newton Logic; thrust to-power ratio delay timing. Hi-DEF™, detailed fuselages and enhanced windows.Highly detailed gear and actuators. Intricately detailed flap pinions and hinges. Modeled lightning and static wick pylond and aerials. Accurately modeled and postioned, UHF, VHF naad HF aerials and antennae. Glass-effect windows reflect ambient light built into graphics support. Front cockpit areas light up with glow of instruments. Lights reflect on faces of Captain and FO at night. Editable lighting levels in forward cabin/cockpit. FAST frame rates (uncompressed). Real-time animation brake and roll spoilers. Detailed flap, hinges, pins and screws. HTML electronic check lists and refs. Underwing detail/access ports and inlets. Exit Lights, Logo Lights. Gear-bay Lighting. Twin Landing, Underwing Lights. Taxi Turnoff Lights, Nav, Strobe and Pos Lights. Opening Passenger AFT Door. overwing & PAX reflecting light fx. Accuratly-scaled, multi-stage flap extension and retraction timings.

Boeing 737-800 Complete Flight Deck Specifications. Flight Deck Version 3. All common switches clickable and animated and all levers animated. Special control gauging to enable\disable VC's 3D objects/displays. Animated FWD EXIT galley and animated MAIN FWD EXIT doors control panel.Animated windshield wipers with Rain glass wipe effect that shows ‘rain removed’ on each sweep of wipers when on. 3D magnetic compass, non gauge modelled in 3D. compass light switch under base of compass. Display Control System. Master caution System. Standby instrument knobsmodelled in 3D.High Resolution, High Frames Per Second (FPS). Textured main panels with shadows. Active and working Fire Shutdown System with modeled 3d working fire handle. SAVE Seat Position Logic.Sliding deck widnows and modeled window runners, seals & serial labels on side windows with accurrate, knot limit (84 knots) for window lock. Map clipchart. Click zones EFIS PFD/ND Systems. Clock modelled in 3D, with click zones. MOveable nose steering tiller modelled and controllable in 3D. Packs switches clickable and animated. Night bitmaps with multiple levels of enhanced lighting. New autopilot logics and VC gauging linked to common logic of FDx configuration files. Tooltips activated for every system for fast recognition and prompting.

MCP/FMS/IRS Version 3. MCP panel and FMC background lighting ambience. Background light for MCP and FMC. Editable background for CDUs from black to blue with brightness control on main panel above footrest plate. ND & PFD inoperative pre-IRS coordinates entered into FMC System. FMC VNAV profiles. SID\STAR support. Waypoint ALT and SPD restrictions. Smooth curved flight path on vector display pop up ND or EFIS optional displays. MCP and EFIS control panels with high performance. Researched design of EFIS control allows easier click zones. Increased speed/VNAV holding stability. N1 calculation for TOGA and CLB as per Boeing performance tables. Takeoff N1 table for TOGA added to ini. Actual N1 calculation based on OAT/FMC TAKE OFF page. Climb N1 table added; calculation based on current altitude and CRUISE FL OAT. Take off speeds calculation based on TOW and FLAP POS.
For a complete specification of te flight deck, aircraft and engine systems please refer to our download section (under construction).

Package Variants - Description & Contents

Download Version. Contents: Boeing 737-800 aircraft in BCA roll out livery with display options as described on the product page. The documentation in the download version is in PDF format. There are two aircraft both in BCA livery. Full documentation for setting up, quick flight and general tutorial supplied.

Box Version. Contains additional carriers that the Boeing 737-800 is flown by. The Boxed Version also contains printed items as follows: CD with complete documentation. Landing Data Cards. Checklists. QRH-type Lists. 'The Future is in your hands' Colour Brochure. Frame-ready, Limited Edition Digital Print. Small A5 Poster Print.

Note: Aircraft can be purchased for all Boeing 737 packages from 'Boeing 737-Tech'. Choose the aircraft that you fly and either choose a region package or a specific airline.

Minimum Specifications: Intel Pentium 4 - 2.0GHz 1GB RAM 1 CPU minimum (2 CPU recommended) CD ROM Drive ATA100, 40GB Hard Drive, Monitor, Mouse and Keyboard. Minimum Graphics Card (GPU) 1mb RAM GeForce Recommended. Up to 100Mb HDD Space Required (depending on the number of expansions fitted). Recommended Specifications: Dual Core Min Spec: 2.0 with 2-4Mb Ram GPU. Soundblaster Recommended. Microsoft XP Pro or Home or Vista Pro or Home OS.