Project X News - Boeing 737-900ER

continued from our front page... Sporting a new identity and branded with the Microsoft Flight SImulator 'X' logo style a range of all-new packaging and printed items have also been designed to differentiate the project from its FS9 cousin (still hailed by many professional pilots as the most advanced Boeing 737 simulation in its class).

Technical Director Bob Hale explains some more about the new Project X: "All of the code and all of the files; the modeling, the flight envelope FDx and new physics, the texturing, a lot of new light mapping, the special effects (such as new rain version fx and jet blast fx) and the high-compressed, high-pass sounds and sound fx libraries and their accompanying logic to make them work fast in FSX (along with some very innovative technologies) these have all been designed quite literally from the ground up. Where anything was being adapted from logic that works no other way and could not be changed then it hasn't. (You would not want to change a real flap retraction time, for example). The way some filesets are re-programmed on their way to the master logic set is what makes the difference when it comes to maximising performance - it is this type of new interpretation logic that will offer things like liquid fast primary display speeds. It has taken over a year to make this new native version along with a lot of flight testing amounting to thousands of man hours. With this in mind, remember that "Project X" will be launched as the first completely native project designed and built solely for Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX. Not to be too sensationalist about it; our Boeing 737-Rated Pilots and Engineers have been stunned by what has been achieved and we think everyone who flies the new PX will be as pleased with the result."

The new version will showcase a number of altogether new and different technologies. A collaboration of many Boeing Engineers, Boeing Pilots and Boeing Consultants have been active in the development, helping the developers and designers to spend many months of the project's term focussing their efforts on recreating as much of the operations of a full-scale Boeing 737 as possible.

The new Project X represents the first phase of the much-publicised 'OPS Project' and will be ongoing in development while we concentrate on various supporting OPS packages across the Boeing 737 range such as an advanced Navigation Data Management Package. Keep watching this space ...