Latest NavDATA Manager News

Although NDM has been delayed due to the tools required to make it the interface intended, it has slowly been transformed more into the program that we have learned that everyone wanted it to be. (Including a function button to IMPORT a Navigraph dataset at will). With that said, NDM went into Beta as of your reading this notice. SID and STAR information has been updated to represent even more functionality for pilots not wanting to wait for navigation updates and wanting to make the changes direct to the NAVBase. A brand new FMC has been developed and is also in testing as at time of reading, to accommodate new developments and changes made by the NDM which will take the aircraft and systems into a totally new and professional sector for all pilots at every level. Two versions of the new FMC have also had to be concurrently developed and updated. All of the updates of the FMC, since their functions work solely with the functions of the NDM, will only be released with the NDM (current users are not missing out in any event since the new functions of the FMC only concern the NDM and the NDM version of the FMC will not work with the current FMC either). NavDATA Manager is back in development and will be ready for release soon. The price has yet to be set but it is anticipated the release will be made to come within reasonable reach so every FS9 and FSX product user can make data for it.

Bob Hale, Technical Director says: "While other sections on the manual were indeed finished, the section we most wanted to spend some time on was how to deal with the plethora of, and   enter own users  SID and STAR data and, rather than leave it to guess work on anyone's part, we decided to produce something of a hand-held, more in depth guide. That guide is being finished this week and next and will go out to be tested like any of our products do."

With regard to the manual for NDM the user data processing and creation sections are finalised and a printable format is under review and will be showcased on the website along with more detailed screen shots of the product.

The new NavDATA Manager product represents one of the most anticipated and sophisticated NDM creation product releases to date and will support global user creation to include (but not limited to) data such as Airports, Approaches, SIDs and STARs, VORs, NDBs, FIXs, Jetways, Airways and multiples of other navigation types that real-world recognised data provides for.

NDM will support important areas such as 'magvar' and 'positional updating' so those with access to the latest charts and updated data will be able to create own updates and databases that are accurate to the second and as they change, at each change level

Add to this the ability to choose between using MAIN DB as well as either TEMP or SUPP databases utilised on and by the FMC as well as an 'import' button facility to mix as well as match other user NavDATA for exchange via the NDM tool.

NDM will represent a quantum leap forward for all professional users looking to create own data sets with which to fly, globally and make routing as complex as they desire.

The NDM project has been 2 years in the making ... More details on its impending release date soon.

Updated June 07 2011.