News From the Hangar - A New Level

Continued from our front page... It was from this advanced set of logic and code that interested Boeing that aa new development that was to focus purely on a virtual cockpit environmewnt (VCe) was born. From that development, all the things we learned and the things that users asked us to advance and to introduce have been taken into account and the new version moves from 50 useable events to over 800! Quite a quantum leap in development technology.

Most pilots, whether they see themselves as casual flyers using simulation as a stress-buster after a hard day at work or whether they spend long hours flying the IFR routes the advanced FMC offers, have consistently seen our advanced range of products as the Boeing 737 simulation of choice to meet their day to day needs from every point of view be it casual or professional.

With the advent of the new FSX version boeing 737-900ER, simulation will enter a new dimension and more people will come to recognise that the advances in the work that the serious end-user market demands can be found in our aircraft.

As Christmas comes and goes, we will then look forward to the roll out of the new OPS Platform - as well as the excitement that it will bring for the new year ahead.