New Boeing 737 Series - Upgrade Packs Released

Continued from our front page ... This feature has been designed to offer professional crews further planning and challenging flight routing abilities.

Using advanced pixel technology to enhance and regrade textures the airlines depicted take photo-renditions to a new level giving the most detailed and photographic of airlines in FS in terms of depth and colour, capturing every nuance and detail down to floor lines and ports. Every aircraft in the Boeing 737-Series is illustrated from detailed photographs taken in situ and painstakingly re-illustrated over months of photo-enhancing work and consisting of over 300 + layers per aircraft.

All of the Boeing 737-600/700/800 and 900er Series aircraft in the special edition sets represent an effective as well as an economic and essential upgrade for all Professional Airline Pilots who wish to fly more accurate and authentic mission critical flights with the Boeing 737 Series.

To download or buy the box versions click on any one of the aircraft series types on the left main menu. For screen shots / information click on the GALLERY or SPEC pages of each product page.