Ariane Pioneers EGPWS Terrain System

Continued from front page... EGPWS or Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System is a system designed to alert pilots if their aircraft is in immediate danger of flying into ground-based obstructions. What is also known is that up till this second, a terrain 'mapping' system of this type has not been available for the Boeing 737, at any level. Following the launch of the new EGPWS product all of this has changed history (and signals yet another first for Ariane with the EGPWS Technical Upgrade).

EGPWS represents a great aide to pilots in offering the opportunity to use radar in conjunction with other systems to ensure the safe approach of aircraft in mountainous and other terrain areas. With its visual and audio reporting, EGPWS gives the pilot a 'heads up' warning when the aircraft approaches a dangerous section of the land area ahead and changes the display immediately to red, wherever the danger areas are. The system scans the area ahead in real time (like the real version does; gathering data from its obstacle/ground proximity database) and reporting is shown in degrees of less than a second.

EGPWS can also be used in any of the modes on the Captain Display while the mode can also be repeated on the First Officer (FO) Display and without any loss in FPS and EGPWS offers the complete range of scanning across the entire MAP range. What is more. the entire range of other extraneous data and information can also be shown on top of the display; STA (stations) WPT (waypoints) APT (airport) DATA (navdata) and POS (postion) as well as TCAS information and ranges and data.

How does EGPWS work? As an aircraft descends closer to a danger area or object area, the display will become more detailed (or cluttered) and as the aircraft goes below the level of the danger area and enters into an area of compromise, an audible warning is heard while the EGPWS reports most areas in red and sounds out: "TERRAIN" and changes to TERRAIN. TERRAIN. <woop woop> PULL UP.

There are a host of options for EGPWS. The display can be shown both in Display MAP mode and also CTR mode. It can also be shown on PFD/ND systems and EFIS (see EFIS product press release on the other news page) and it can also be turned off and on at will via the use of the simple switch system which emulates the same system that the real EGPWS uses.