Ariane Develops new EFIS Compact Display

Continued from front page ... The EFIS Compact Display System is a development moving toward something of a 'whole cockpit' concept that Ariane has been working toward for a number of years and which, when completed, will represent a leading edge, very highly advanced standard called OPS.
What makes EFIS so advanced a development in its comprehensive and collective display system is the unique way it can not only be instantly accessed and changed literally on the fly, from the overhead menu system as shown under 'Switch Displays Type' but also how it can combine the new EGPWS system and without one drop in significant frame rate (FPS).

The EFIS Technical Upgrade will be available in the Boeing 737-TECH section.
The EFIS Technical Upgrade is designed for all Boeing 737-700-/-700ER-/-800-/-900ER Series Aircraft.