Avionic Online French Podcast

Avionic Online publishes first French Podcast

Vive La PODCASTING ... we suggest that fans and pilots of all things Francais in the world of FS flight and technology take a look at the work of quality French reportage site: Avionic Online. Hosted by Xavier Jehl, the site hosts a range of very cool in-depth reviews, news as well as screen shots covering both recent and classic FS work at the more quality end of flight simulation technology and aerospace (and the presentation of its leading design artist shows).

For French fans looking for high quality video news presentations with up-to-date reporting and music, click the link below to view the latest in modern podcasting. As well as offering the chance to see our aircraft in flight working with IFR Tracker PRO* the report, narrated by Xavier Jehl and Ludovic Potier and conceived by Terry S, makes the new video section as attractive in French as it is to watch visually and would make an excellent addition to anyones favourite listing to keep a roving eye open for what is new and exciting to watch and listen to in the busy simulation world. The podcast is paced well, very professionally edited and mixed and features a number of reports on 3 new products as well as the latest MS SP2 update. The new AVIONIC ONLINE PODCAST section is set to become a regular number hosted by the sites presenters. Magnifique mon amis. Vive la France!

* Information: IFR Tracker PRO adds a stunning level of realism to flying the new Boeing 737-900 ER X. IFR Tracker PRO uses 6DOF headgear technology that follows line of sight with quick scanning and movement tracking. The technology adds a new depth of field to flight in FS as well as adding a jaw-dropping level to flying our new Boeing 737 900R X in Microsoft FSX. IFR Tracker is compatible with most software and games and is available from most good online hardware shops.