Boeing 737-800 X2 ...

continued from front page ... The new Boeing 737-800 Base Pack features two optional engine sound sets + over 1500 sound assignments for every switch and system on the world's most advanced sound-equipped flight deck. There is also a new multiple view section (the new view section is in addition to the two default view section views). This new view area provides fast access to 2d type panel layouts. The new Boeing 737-800 X2 makes much more of advanced modeling to a greater degree than ever before and with  better FPS in FSX it is a natural choice for Mega Airport owners.

Four versions of the Boeing 737-800 are included in the package; two in green pre-delivery 'test flight' zinc coat and two in BCA livery. The Boeing 737-800 X2 is the newest version in a series that is creating world-wide interest among crews for training and mission critical tasking.

With options for blended winglets and non eyebrow windows and non-blended winglets and eyebrow windows, the new Boeing 737-800 X2 conforms to Ariane's commitment to ultimate realism.

The classic version 800 appealing to airline pilots still using non-blended winglets on their Boeing 737-800 versions while the newer version offering up to date operations.
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