Boeing 737-700 X2 Advanced Released

Continued from front page... Simulation Technology Group; Ariane today released its Boeing 737-700 X2. The first two aircraft due to roll out of the production line are included as one package and feature a number of variants from roll out livery, BCA Livery, classic non-winglet, blended winglet and with the following airlines included during the limited period: Southest, Easyjet and Virgin in the base package.

The new version will feature more than a thousand systems and events. It is a quantum leap of an advancement that took 3 years to develop and takes advantage of all of the latest developments and special effects that only FSX can offer. With a legendary FPS performance to add to its long list of features and with support for not only casual pilots and VA's but also for professional training crews.

In building the new version Ariane have dropped the old activation process and in doing so made things a lot easier to get flying. The new version really is a stunning advancement of the X2 range and makes the whole package a very advanced piece of technology to fly.

The new Boeing 737 - 700 version will be available in two advanced options; the ST and the IGW (or HGW) featuring some of the most advanced technology ever released for a desktop simulation along with over 400 pages in manuals, charts and documentation to cater for all but the ATP Training Professional.

Flight Decks and Interiors are fully modeled and able to be fully managed. A very comprehensive Flight Attendant Station allows the playing of every warning and advisement, safety announcements are included and music gives pilots the ability to play a track as the aircraft is dealing with passenger requirements. The entire FAS features each section of its lighting and its power and airstair and access control; a faithful reproduction of the original.

What is quite new is the new texture sets Ariane has spent time working on to ensure that they deliver the right blend of realism and accuracy for a resolution set.  Rivets and seam lines are all modeled with fastidious attention and the inclusion of seams and pin rivets will only be seen at certain angles when the aircraft is turned into the sun (weather and times of the day permitting) and shadows begin to pass the surface. Of particular interest will be the way that the ribbing on the tail is enhanced under the surface of the metal skin and the way that the paint interacts with shinar blending to give aluminum sheen metal and glistening color paint. A new set of HD textures is being worked on and will be announced to take the range to greater and more stunning levels of detail.

The new Boeing 737-700 X2 is available for box and download in the 700 section.